The Andharban Trail: Trekking through a dense jungle

One of the most popular and well-known fresh treks in the Sahyadri area is through Andharban. Andharban could also be a compound word made from the words Andhra (which means “darkish”) and ban (which suggests “woodland”. Andharban, which means “dark forest”, could be a path through dense overgrowth with views of the Devkund waterfall and Valley as well as the Tamhini Ghat. 

This is a descendant trek that includes many small streams and waterfalls. It begins at the Sahyadri Mountains at approximately 2200ft elevation and descends into the valley to reach the Bhira Dam’s backwaters.

Andharban is available seven days a semaine, 24 hours a day. You can even do this as a night hike by wearing torchlight and being more cautious on the trail. 

For first-timers, it is better to start trekking at some point in the morning, as it is easier to get lost after dark and a small mistake could lead you to the Kundalika Valley. It is much better to leave early in the morning for Andharban with the intent of reaching the starting line by 9 am.

From where the Andharban trek starts?

The Andharban trek begins at Independence factor, about 200 meters from Pimpri village. It is also close to the Pimpri Dam. Although the trailhead isn’t marked, it can be easily seen. If you need assistance, nearby villages may be able to provide guidance. 

The path follows a broken chain-link fence. Before starting their trek, trekkers must pay Rs.50 per person. The trekkers will be issued a receipt and a valid rate. There is not always a permanent counter.

The Kundalika Valley’s path maps a narrow U-shaped circle that leads to the Bhira Dam and its backwaters. The drop is not continuous, but the high-quality humidity in the valley and the slippery direction make it easy. It takes approximately four to five hours to complete the 13-kilometer trail.

The path winds through thick jungle and away from any human settlements. Due to the lack of water resources, bring mild snacks and enough water for the final (3 liters minimum).

Andharban trek offers jungle experiences that give you a view of the flora, fauna, and chaatak species. There are also minivets and Malabar whistling thrushes and dwarf kingfishers. Although the Indian large Squirrel is sometimes seen around the globe, sightings of it are very rare.

Andharban Trek’s Difficulty

The Andharban trek can be considered a moderately easy trek. However, weather conditions may change so make sure to check before you start the trek. The trek begins at the Pimpri dam during the monsoon season when the forest is in flood. After this, you can reach the Kundalika river’s source at the Bhira dam. The trail may be 14 km long.

Andharban Trek could be one of the easiest areas in the rainforest. The hike is mostly downhill, and it includes three major waterfalls. The entire hike takes about ten hours. Andharban Trek could be an excellent monsoon adventure in the hills of Maharashtra. It will be a unique experience.

You will follow the trail with white arrows. The journey is free of any dangerous spots. Pimpri Dam is the trailhead. It’s a mixture of flat and descending terrain. 

The trek starts at Pimpri Dam and involves a lot of climbing. This can prove exhausting. It takes approximately 14 km to complete the trek and can take between 5 to 7 hours.

Best Things About Trekking in Andharban

Nature lovers should also visit the Andharban Forest. You will find large clouds and waterfalls in the lush green hills. The Andharban trek descends through a valley to reach the Bhira dam. It starts at 2100 feet. At the destination, the hike ends. A bus will take you to your hotel. Relax once you reach the end of the trail.

Andharban Trekking can be a one-day jungle walk with spectacular views. As you trek through the jungle, there are many species of birds. You will often see minivets and many kinds of birds. The Indian giant squirrel is also common. If you love the jungle, Andharban is a must-see adventure. This trek is great for nature lovers.

It is possible to hike the Andharban Trek for a full day through dense forests. You will also find meadows, rocky terrain, and shade trees on the trail. There will be several stunning waterfalls and enchanting streams of water. It is a paradise for monsoons! Andharban is a popular trekking destination in India. Be aware that the climate can make you feel afraid of heights.

Which is the best season for Andharban Trekking?

The monsoon season is from mid-June through mid-September and is the best time for the Andharban trek. The jungle is lush green with waterfalls. Winters can be cold and dense so winter trekking is an excellent idea.

Permits are required to trek through the Andharban jungle

According to the most recent rule, a permit is required for entry into the Andharban rainforest. Register on the Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary site to quickly obtain a permit. There is a fee of INR 150 per person and a limit of 500 people per day. Book your reservations as soon as possible.

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