Seven Tips for Increasing Online Shop Traffic

Over the course of the past two years, the e-commerce business has experienced a significant expansion. According to Statistic, worldwide e-commerce sales increased from 3.35 trillion USD in 2019 to 4.93 trillion USD in 2021 and are predicted to reach 5.54 trillion USD by the end of this year. These figures are based on data from 2019 Ecommerce SEO Services In India.

A shift in consumer behavior has made it possible for businesses to realize growth in e-commerce sales on a global scale. E-commerce has been increasingly important to the success of businesses in recent years as an increasing number of consumers choose to fulfill their shopping requirements online.

The challenge, however, is that as competition increases, it also gets more difficult to attract customers and encourage them to make a purchase. Implementing efficient e-commerce SEO methods to boost the amount of traffic that comes to your e-commerce website is the only way for your business to differentiate itself from other businesses in the same industry.

There are seven different methods that can be used to boost the amount of traffic that visits an online store: 1.

1.    This marketing tactic is still effective despite the fact

That relating something to a specific individual is not really novel. If your plan for promoting your e-commerce business does not already contain a referral program, you should start one as soon as possible

According to research conducted by Nielsen, 84 percent of consumers take the advice of their friends and family members into consideration before making a purchasing decision. If one of these individuals is already one of your customers, there is a good chance that they will recommend your business to the members of their immediate family as well as their circle of acquaintances, particularly if you are able to offer them some sort of incentive for their efforts.

For instance, if you run an online cake store out of Singapore, you could utilize a referral program that awards clients with discounts ranging from 20 to 30 percent off specific products if they successfully suggest a friend to your company. This can be accomplished by providing one-of-a-kind recommendation codes to each individual consumer.

2. Attract Visitors Through the Use of Email Marketing

It’s possible that in this day and age of TikTok and Instagram Reels; sending emails to prospective consumers can seem like an antiquated method of driving traffic to an online store’s website. In spite of this, despite the fact that the global market for email marketing is expected to be worth 7.5 billion dollars in 2020, email marketing is still an effective marketing approach.

This number is even expected to reach 17.9 billion by the year 2027, according to  projections. The ever-increasing number of people who use email makes this finding unsurprising.

Be it sending emails to new or existing customers, effective email marketing enables you to interact, connect, and communicate with those clients; a great campaign can even encourage customers to take some sort of action.

The following is an explanation of how to market using email effectively.

  • Engaging subject lines
  • Convincing call to action
  • Written content that is condensed and simple to read Unique promotional offering
  • Add visuals.

3. Be mindful of how quickly your page loads.

If it takes your e-commerce website more than three seconds to load, prospective clients are very likely to go to the website of a competitor who offers products or services that are comparable to those offered by your company.

You should work on increasing the loading speed of your e-commerce website in order to cut down on the high bounce rate. Make sure that within one to three seconds, all of the e-commerce website design features that it possesses will load and appear.

The following is a list of tools that you can use to determine the status of the loading speed of your online retail store’s website:

  • WebPageTest
  • MobiReady
  • ThinkWithGoogle \s4.

4. Run Paid Social Media Ads

There is no other method that is superior to running paid campaigns on social media if you want to improve the amount of traffic that comes to your e-commerce website. You may broaden your reach and bolster your online presence by connecting with prospective clients for your e-commerce business by taking advantage of the continuously increasing number of social media users all over the world.

Here are some things you need to think about in order to successfully run paid advertisements on social media platforms:

Social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)

Dimensions recommended for images (e.g. Facebook messenger story is 1080 by 1920 pixels)

The number of characters, both minimum and maximum. (for example, the maximum number of characters allowed in a tweet is 280)

Social media ad formats (e.g. still image, gif, or video)

5. Generate Excitement by Organizing Contests and Giving Away Prizes

There is a method that can generate instant traffic, leads, and conversions in addition to the previously described methods that are designed to boost the amount of people that visit e-commerce websites over the long term.

All of those things are possible if you run a contest or an e-commerce giveaway campaign in Singapore and provide enticing rewards to your potential customers in exchange for their participation in the contest or campaign.

You might use tools such as Gleam or WooBox in order to efficiently monitor the participation of your customers. These tools can help you keep track of how your customers interact with your contest or e-commerce giveaway campaign, including their progression. Monitoring your customers’ participation in an efficient manner will allow you to maximize your profits.

An example of a campaign run by Gleam 6 to give away prizes on Facebook.

6. Utilize Images That Are Large And Clear

Because the potential buyers cannot see or feel the product in person, they will require something substantial to convince them to make the purchase. Here is where pictures come into play.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the quality of your product photography might determine the success or failure of your online store. Because of this, you need to make sure that the photographs you use are both large and clear, so that any potential buyers can see exactly what it is that they are going to be purchasing.

You should also provide a comprehensive explanation of what the product entails in order to further sway their opinion. Be sure to specify its dimensions, the material it’s made of, the colours it comes in, and any other pertinent information.

7. Always be Open and Honest with People

The e-commerce industry benefits greatly from transparent business practises. Make sure to emphasise the fact that your product comes with free delivery if you provide it. You need to make sure that your clients are aware of any applicable shipping fees by mentioning them in the specifics of the shopping cart.

If you give your clients a heads up before they check out the product on your e-commerce website, it will avoid them from feeling as though they have been mislead after they have done so.

In addition to that, you need to keep in mind that your customers should be able to see which of your products are now sold out. If you are honest and open with them about what you have to offer, it will be easier for them to find what they need and make a purchase in the future.

Increase the effectiveness of your e-commerce strategy in order to attract more customers to your website now.

If you follow these seven steps to grow the traffic to your e-commerce website in the right way, the rewards of your hard work will be rewarded, even if it takes some time before you can actually see them.

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