Ruby O Fee Biography

If you’re curious about Ruby O Fee’s biography, read on to learn about her life. This Costa Rican singer-songwriter studied music in Germany, has acted in films, and is in a relationship with a German actor. She is currently living in Berlin. 

Who is Ruby O Fee?

Ruby Moonstone is the name of a German actress. She is a popular face in the entertainment industry. She is a model and actress who has starred in a number of Hollywood films. She is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. 

Ruby O Fee Biography

Fee has also starred in a number of television shows. She is currently starring in the film adaptation of The Black Brothers, in which she plays the main character, Angeletta. She has also starred in the children’s movie Lotta & the Happy Future, in which she portrays a girl suffering from heartache. She also received numerous accolades for her role as a crime suspect in the film Happy Birthday, Sarah.

Ruby O Fee was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and raised in Brazil with her German mother and French stepfather. After she graduated from school, she moved to Germany. She is currently dating Matthias Schweighofer, a German actor. The actress also previously dated Joaquim Lopes. If you’re curious about Ruby O Fee’s personal life, read on for more.

Besides acting, Ruby O. Fee is also an entrepreneur and social media influencer. 

Ruby O Fee was born in Costa Rica

The country of Costa Rica is home to many artists and musicians. The capital of Costa Rica is San José, which is also the largest city. The city lies in the mid-west of the Central Valley, near the center of the country. The city is divided into cantons. Each canton has its own culture and history.

Ruby O Fee’s parents are Costa Rican and she was born in the country on February 7, 1996. She is an actress and model and is a popular Instagram personality. Her acting skills have earned her recognition since her early days in the industry. She started working in the television industry when she was just 14 years old, appearing in the movie “Womb.” She has appeared in many films and television shows, and her picture has graced the cover of several magazines.

She studied music in Germany

Ruby O Fee studied music in Germany before becoming an actress. The young actress began acting at age 16. She was born in Costa Rica, but moved to Germany with her family when she was 12. She completed her education at the Bela Bartok Music School in Berlin and started her acting career. 

The actress and singer has a high net worth, which is expected to increase as she continues to work. She is currently dated to Matthias Schweighofer, a German actor, director, producer, and singer. Matthias Schweighofer is a co-founder of German film company Pantaleon.

She has appeared in films

German actress Ruby O Fee has appeared in a number of films. Her work spans across the genres of horror, sci-fi, and comedy. She has also made a number of television appearances. Her films have received positive reviews. In addition to her acting career, she has also written screenplays and directed films.

In 2016, Fee starred in the American thriller “The Secret of the Midwife,” which was based on the novel “The Mystery of the Midwife” by Sabine Ebert. She was also featured in the feature-length comedy “Crazy About Fixi.” She also played the role of a murder suspect in the fairy tale “Prince Himmelblau and Fairy Lupine” and played Desdemona in the acclaimed Shakespearean film, Bibi and Tina.

She is in a relationship with a German actor

German actress Ruby O Fee is in a relationship with German actor Matthias Schweighofer. Previously linked to a much older man, the couple has been together for two years. The two have been kissing on each other’s cheeks on their birthdays, and Schweighofer has even appeared in some of her films!

Matthias Schweighofer is a German actor and model who has been dating Ruby O Fee since 2018.. Some of his most famous performances include a performance in the 2008 biographical action adventure film “The Red Baron” and in the 2021 action crime horror comedy. They are also spotted together in numerous Instagram photos.

She has received countless awards

In addition to her roles in television series, Ruby O Fee has also starred in films. She starred in Andreas Dresen’s film As We Were Dreaming, a retelling of the classic Clemens Meyer novel. In addition, Fee has played the female lead in the two-part historical drama The Secret of the Midwife and the psychological thriller Zazy. On social media, Fee has more than 200,000 followers, and her feed is filled with carefully filtered photos of her lifestyle. Over 15,000 people like her posts, and many have commented positively on them.

Aside from countless awards and nominations, Ruby O. Fee is also in a serious relationship with Matthias Schweighofer, an actor, director, and producer. The two have been seen together a few times in public, and have even posted pictures of themselves together. The couple has a similar background as both are in the entertainment industry. Currently, the couple is working on their careers.

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