Rakesh Tikait Biography

In this Rakesh Tikait Biography, you’ll learn about the political activist and farmer from India. You’ll learn that he was jailed 44 times during his political career. You’ll also learn that he is now a politician. And, you’ll learn about his personal life, including the struggles that he had to overcome to become a national leader.

Rakesh Tikait is an Indian farmer leader

Rakesh Tikait is an Indian politician who has been a prominent voice for farmers’ rights. He is the leader of the Samyukt Kisan Morcha, a farmers’ umbrella body. This body will always support farmers and the farmers’ causes and will support any Chief Minister who wants to help the farmers.

He is a former Delhi Police constable who has devoted his life to the cause of farmers. He is a member of the Jat community who voted for the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He said that he voted for the BJP because he supported the candidate. His family is related to a former Union minister, Sanjeev Kumar Balyan.

He was jailed 44 times

Rakesh Tikait has devoted his life to agitating for farmers’ rights. He has been jailed 44 times for his activism. In a recent case, he spent 39 days in jail in Madhya Pradesh after he and other farmers protested against the Farmer’s Land Acquisition Act. Another time, he was imprisoned in Delhi for burning sugarcane outside Parliament.

Tikait is a farmer from western Uttar Pradesh. He has run for office twice, once as an independent in 2007 and once as a Rashtriya Lok Dal candidate in 2014. Tikait lost both times.

He is a politician

Rakesh Tikait is a former national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union. He is from Uttar Pradesh, India. His party’s political platform is “Save Farmers Union”. Tikait is also known as Rakesh Singh Tikait.

Rakesh Tikait started his political career in 1992. He was born in Sisauli, Mujaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. His father was a rancher and his mother was a housewife. Rakesh Tikait has a brother who is also a politician.

He is an agriculturist

Rakesh Tikait is the son of revolutionary farmer leader Mahendra Singh Tikait. A former Delhi Police constable, he has emerged as an agriculturist and a national spokesperson for the Bharatiya Kisan Union. In spite of his youthful appearance, Tikait has become an agriculturist and is the spokesperson of the BKU.

Rakesh Tikait has gained considerable popularity in western Uttar Pradesh where he is the leader of the farmers’ movement. He is respected by many farmers for his leadership in the movement against controversial farm laws. However, Tikait’s role in the recent fracas at a farmers’ tractor rally has come under scrutiny. The protests turned violent and police have filed a case against Tikait.

He is a rancher head of western Uttar Pradesh

Before he became a farmer leader, Rakesh Tikait served as a Delhi Police constable. Today, he is considered to be the most powerful farmer leader of today. His ardent support of farmers has landed him in jail on several occasions. In 2007, Rakesh Tikait stood in the UP Assembly elections from the Khatauli seat and lost. Later, he contested the general election in 2014 on a Rashtriya Lok Dal ticket and finished fourth.

Farmers of western Uttar Pradesh are furious over recent government policies, including the doubling of electricity and the cost of diesel. These measures have impacted farmers in their daily lives, causing many to resort to protests. While the new laws seem to have hit the farmers in a rougher place, there are some good things happening for the farming community.

He is a public representative of the Bharatiya Kisan Union

Rakesh Tikait is the son of revolutionary farmer leader Mahendra Singh Tikait. He has become a leading farmer advocate and the national spokesperson for the Bharatiya Kisan Union. Tikait was arrested 44 times. He is also a popular speaker and writer. He has received many awards for his work, including a National Achiever’s Award.

Tikait is a member of the Haryanvi Jaat caste. His father was a prominent farmer leader, and his mother is a homemaker. He has three siblings: an older brother, Naresh Tikait, and two younger brothers. His elder brother, Naresh, is the president of the BKU, and his younger brothers, Narendra and Surendra, are farmers in their village.

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