Rafting along the Kolad River and a Luxury Swiss Tent Stay

Kolad is also known as Maharashtra’s Adventure capital, which is well-known for its river rafting and camping. It’s the ideal adventure escape from the tension one endures living in concrete. Why not consider a trip in which you feel the natural world and yet live a luxurious life?

Kolad is located against the backdrop of Sahyadri hills within the Raigad district of Maharashtra located 121 km from Mumbai. One of Maharashtra’s top camping spots, Camping in Kolad offers various activities as well as stunning views of the river, where there is an evening bonfire. Pack your bags and head to the city of adventure Maharashtra.

The best time to visit Kolad:

You can camp in Kolad all year. But, the most sought-after period for this is believed to be during winter that is, between October through March due to the mild, dry climate, and the low amount of humidity. It’s also a good time to avoid rain and the temperatures can range between 15 and 23 degrees Celsius.

Transportation Methods

There are many options for transporting to the camping site. It is easy to get to Mumbai or Pune with a variety of methods since they are linked across the country. 

Then, you can opt to take a cab or bus to get there. You can also take a different route via railway to Dadar to Raha and from there you can choose to take either a rickshaw or private taxi.

Camping in Kolad

Once you’ve reached the location You can then set up a tent along the river’s shore. However, you can experience the best experience at Swiss cottages, which also provide air conditioning with orals, lunches snacks, breakfast, and snacks.

Typically, Swiss cottage packages include luxury accommodation and food, drinks, and privacy, as the campsite covers acres of terrain. They offer a schedule of activities that include activities for team building, sightseeing zip lining, and more. However, the most popular part of these activities is the famous river rafting.

The rafting experience is difficult and most permit those over 4 feet 6 inches tall to take part. The entire event lasts about 3 hours or 12km and is usually performed in groups of 10 people. 

Rafting can be considered difficult due to the rapid flow of water downstream. However, once you’ve tried it, I’m sure you won’t regret it. The rush of adrenaline through the body, that cool stream of water flowing through the incline, as well as that small amount of terror you feel make this the most memorable part of your day.

The benefit of this particular activity is that there aren’t abrupt changes in the water making it safer than the other.

After a busy day, you can make an outdoor fire and cook some marshmallows. listen to songs and have a good time with all the people here. Get rid of all worries and stress, then take a restful and peaceful sleep on your comfy mattress.

The night sky is an amazing view that which you must not miss. It makes you think about the things that happened to you in the concrete jungle.

There are a variety of things to do during your time at the camp like Ziplining, ATV rides kayaking, jet skiing, and banana boat rides.

Essential items you need to be carrying!

1. Kit for first aid that is basic.

2. Personal medicine

3. An umbrella

4. Proper boots

5. Warm clothes due to the colder temperatures at night.

6. Flashlight

7. Snacks to eat

8. Speakers to have entertainment

9. Powerbank for charging mobile phones

10. Hat

11. An extra pair of clothes and towels

12. Your traveling pillow

13. Personal blankets

14. Masks

15. Hand Sanitizers

16. Dettol or any other antiseptic

There are a variety of locations you could visit when you have time spare. Some of them are:

  1. Tala Fort climb, if interested in an adventure or a climb, the winter climb can be somewhat challenging.
  2. Kuda caves are 1st BC caves that are accessible via a brief hike. Thor has been engraved in the Pal language.
  3. Bhira dam is where you rafted, and then watch the power of the water and the small voids that our problems become due to its presence.
  4. Kolad Museum should like to connect with the geek side of you.

Kolad is a gorgeous village and, sadly, the majority of people do not have any idea about Kolad. The town has lots to offer, which is that it is regarded as the”adventure capital” of Maharashtra. 

The beauty that the village has can overwhelm you and your heart. It’s truly a wonder of this country, and everyone must visit at the very least once and experience the excitement that life has to offer.

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