4 Best Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

What is the other pleasant method to spend your time on vacation?

If you doubt this then that for me, it’s taking in the breathtaking views of sunset and sunrise across the horizon from the high Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer.

At a distance of 45 kilometers away from Jaisalmer the City, Sam Sand Dunes is the most sought-after attraction among travelers from all over the world.

A variety of desert camps in Jaisalmer provide the ideal accommodation near Sam Sand Dunes. Additionally, you can explore the natural world and participate in festivals, cultural programs, and fairs.

Why do people choose Desert Camping?

Jaisalmer is situated very close to The Significant Thar Desert. It is also possible to stay in luxury Swiss tents and cottages during camping in the desert on Sam Sand Dunes.

The Swiss chalets and tents offer all the amenities that a luxury hotel would have. So, if you decide to stay there at a Swiss cottage, you’ll not miss the chance to enjoy a restful stay but you also enjoy the many benefits of a huge place which is closer to the natural world.

The Sky Desert Safari Camp

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be on the back of a camel riding through the desert?

If you are looking to go on this adventure, make some time to plan an escape to enjoy this exciting experience.

Sky Safari Desert Camp Sky Safari Desert Camp is well-known for organizing the most memorable desert safari with camelback and Jeeps in the middle of the Thar Desert. The desert safari will provide you with the most amazing panorama of sunset and sunrise.

You can also go parasailing in Jaisalmer located just only a few kilometers from the Sam dunes.

Now comes the most important question what should we do? The camp also offers 20 luxurious tents, with queen-sized beds and clean bathroom facilities attached to tents.

The stunning antique lamps are illuminated in a way that is bright and ideal to match your mood. FoodBuffet Breakfast, dinner, and the desert safari aboard camelback.

Le Royal Camp

If you’re someone who prefers fewer crowds, or an individual who enjoys hiking and adventure, don’t leave this location. It’s at Kanoi village, close to Sam dunes. It is a delightful spot to consider for your next trip. These are luxurious desert camps that are strategically placed close to dunes. The night is completely lit with stunning artistic designs beneath a star-lit sky.

Accommodation includes 26 rooms, including 5 top cottages, 8 luxurious Swiss tents as well as 11 suites royal with wireless internet access. It also offers an outdoor bar and restaurant including jeeps, camel safaris and 24-hour room service DJ, and many more.


The opening ceremony took place in the awe-inspiring Thar Desert in Jaisalmer, a serene and luxurious desert camp complete with luxurious and spacious tents.

The park is also adorned by no less than 45 luxurious and super luxurious tents that have been designed and decorated beautifully to give the desert life of the villager in Jaisalmer.

Each tent is equipped with all the amenities and cleaned bathrooms attached to every one of them.

More details: Meals (Dinner & Breakfast), Camel Safari, and Rajasthani Folk Dance.

Kasam Desert Safari

It is located near Sunset Point, Kasam Desert Safaris is among the most well-known camps located in Sam Sand Dunes for those who want to experience an unforgettable experience.

The resort is a paradise in the middle of the Thar Desert and vows to give peace and a lavish stay.

The rooms and stunning interior have been specifically designed around the theme of ‘The Palace for a pulsating feel that is close to the rich history and ancient heritage of the Maharajas from Rajasthan. More details: Meals (Dinner & Breakfast), Camel Safari, and Rajasthani Folk Dance.

These are among the most luxurious desert camps you could think of to spend your time in the Thar desert of Jaisalmer.

Room service is available 24 hours a day as well as housekeeping and the essential and contemporary amenities, as well as musical performances that include classic dance and food the best meal of your life is available

The comfy beds and delicious food and refreshing drinks provide peace and tranquility. What else are you searching for?

Experiencing the Village Life

Jaisalmer is one of the most colorful villages that offer diverse handicrafts and other handmade products. It is also possible to visit villages and live the daily routine of a village. Here you are also able to feel the essence of the village but also shop for hand-crafted items like numerous mirror work clothing, colorful embroidery, and items like silver jewelry. Of course, you’ll be able to taste the flavor of traditional and authentic freedom to try as many dishes as you want!

If you’re on an adventure or want to spend a full holiday, you may want to go to nearby locations like the Ram Devra shrine of Kuldhara which is also often referred to as the place that is haunted. Take your luggage and travel to Jaisalmer to take part in an array of activities all in one location!

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